Driving innovation for more than 35 years

For more than three decades, Dynabook has shaped the mobile computing landscape by taking chances to push beyond the status quo. We are responsible for creating the world’s first laptop, setting the standard for quality and reliability, and selling 170 million laptops worldwide. Dynabook continues to pursue progress and excellence in mobility—delivering cutting-edge solutions that help mobile professionals excel where, when and how they want.

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A Legacy of Mobile Expertise

At Dynabook, it started by debuting the world’s first laptop in 1985 with the T1100. Then, we quickly built a reputation for achieving world-firsts in mobility. We pioneered the integration of long-lasting compact batteries for laptops, pushed the boundaries of display capabilities, led the miniaturization of components and materials for maximum portability, and advanced breakthroughs in thermal management.

Today, we’re delivering the same relentless commitment to innovation. Dynabook is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sharp Corporation and a part of the Foxconn Technology Group family of companies.

Advocating for Sustainability

Dynabook is passionate about integrating sustainability into our products, services, and processes and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Our Environmental Policy focuses on planet-conscious design measures, such as energy conservation, resource-saving, recycling and reduction or elimination of specific chemical substances. We also launched the Green Procurement initiative to help our teams procure eco-friendly products, parts, components and materials from our supply chain partners. These measures and the procurement policy reduce the environmental impact, specifically in prevention of global warming, lowering carbon footprint and preserving natural resources.